My Story

Sometimes it takes a whack on the head to make you pay attention.

For me, it was a real whack on the head!  A 2011 fall in a German bathtub and the resulting brain injury threw my life into turmoil.  

I lost my corporate job, and my reading, writing, memory, and speech were compromised. I was on the cusp of 50 and sending my only child off to college. Everything by which I had previously defined my value was gone. Diagnosed with clinical depression, my brain lied to me and I believed the world was better without me.  

From wounded to wondrous.

Disabled?  I don't like that word.  

So I focused on becoming an expert on how brains work and adapting to the new normal after my accident. 

I learned about the power of therapeutic humor and studied the science of laughter and play, developing my own approach to brain health called neuoPLAYsticity.

It wasn't easy reinventing my life, but today I am a 2-time TEDx speaker, keynote presenter, adjunct professor, and health and wellness coach.  My mission is to bring sexy, focused, and fun back to stressed out brains and bodies.  

If I can do it, you can too.

That picture on the right is of me hiking on the Great Wall of China, not an easy task for a TBI patient with balance challenges.  I love to travel and to help others find freedom in their lives to do what they love.  

Want to go from wounded to wondrous? I can help. I use humor and neuroscience to help others transform their bodies through customized keynote presentations, workshops, and private coaching.

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How Being Unsafe MAKES yOU sMARTER

TEDx Battenkill

"We get smarter by engaging in experiences that feel less safe to us than our normal behavior. Unsafe is uncomfortable, but it's where the real growth happens."  - Ann Zuccardy

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