I bring sexy,
focused & fun
back to stressed out
bodies & brains.

-Ann Zuccardy, 

Keynote Speaker & Wellness Coach

How a brain injury made me smarter

TEDx Phoenixville 

Ann Zuccardy offers candid, witty conversation about life's challenging moments and meeting them with creativity and humor. She provides insights about the nature of intelligence  gleaned from her personal struggle after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) changed her life. 


What Can Ann Do For You?

You're carrying a few extra pounds?

Ann fixes that.  

Want freedom to travel, spend time with family, or pursue a dream?

Ann fixes that.  

Brain fog? Creative slump? 

Ann fixes that.  

Ann's Story

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From brain injured in 2011 and subsequently diagnosed with major depressive disorder among other neurological challenges, to 2-time TEDx speaker, professor, fitness and nutrition advocate and neuroPLAYsticity expert, Ann is the queen of creative adaptation and resilience.  Ann is a popular keynote speaker, teacher, and coach.  

Keynotes and Coaching

Ann brings fun, humor, and creativity to every presentation.  Audiences love her engaging, interactive style and compassionate nature.  

Ann also works one-on-one with people who wish to build residual income while improving body and brain health.

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